Equipment being used in Quarry

6 x Hitachi ZX120’s       
2 x Hitachi ZX200       
1 x Hitachi ZX240
1 x Hitachi ZX330
1 x Sumitomo 16T      
1 x Hyundai 27t      
2 x D65 Bulldozers 24 tonne     
700J Bulldozer 13 tonne    
2 x John Deere 6430 Tractors with trailers   
5 x 6x4 Trucks (Truck Only)    
4 x Metal trailers, (Truck and Trailer) 
2 x two-axle transport trailers
1 x 3 axle semi low loader trailer
1 x 3R8 Widener transporter
Hitachi LX160 Loader
Hitachi LX120 Loader
4t and 10t Roller


All machines are fully ROPs, COPs and FOPs.

All machines have up to date COF’s, WOF’s and are serviced
regularly as required.

Trucks and Utes are fitted with E-Road for Safety. They are all
equipped with two way radios. 

Supply of greywacke metal AP20, AP30, AP40, AP65 and rubble
suitable for cow races.

Supply of concrete and plastic culvert pipes as required

Other plant and machinery can be sourced if necessary.